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Slide BILINGUAL CHILDREN'S BOOK SERIES Learn how you too can make a difference in your world! Slide Discover how you can help ZeeZee take action to fulfill her big dream of saving our planet ZEEZEE CAN SAVE THE PLANET
zeezee puede salvar el planeta Descubre cómo tú puedes ayudar a ZeeZee a cumplir su sueño de salvar el planeta
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Make a new friend

Hi! I'm ZeeZee, join me in my journey of dreaming big and making a difference

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Dream Big

You too can have big dreams and can accomplish anything you set your mind to

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Change the World

No matter your age or size, you can already start making a difference in your world.

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In English y en Español

Bridge two worlds with text in English and Spanish side-by-side.

Slide ZeeZee Puede Salvar el Planeta a book by ana larrea - albert ZeeZee sueña en hacer muchas cosas y sabe que ella puede realizar sus sueños más grandes, sin importar que otros duden que alguien tan pequeñita pueda hacer una diferencia. Hoy ZeeZee quiere salvar el planeta. Ella descubre cómo puede ayudar gracias a una maravillosa amiga quien trabaja incansablemente para evitar hacer más daño al medio ambiente. ¿Cómo salvarás tu al planeta? un libro escrito por ana larrea - albert ZeeZee Can Save the Planet ZeeZee has big dreams and she knows she can do whatever she dreams to be possible, even if others don´t think someone so small can make a difference. Today, ZeeZee wants to save the planet. She finds out exactly how she can help thanks to a wonderful friend who works tirelessly to prevent any more damage to our environment. How will you help save the planet?


Do you want to start now by saving some trees?

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Slide ANA LARREA - ALBERT "I want to inspire children to dream big and know that they can make an impact in their world. I specially want young girls to know that with the help of a friend or mentor they can start their journeys to make their dreams a reality"


ZeeZee Can Make The World Smile | ZeeZee Puede Hacer Sonreír al Mundo

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Kids can join ZeeZee on her mission to make a difference through empowerment and awareness.

Help your children learn that they too can have big dreams and that with the help of a mentor they can start making a difference in the world.


Slide ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ana Larrea - Albert Ana Larrea-Albert, a.k.a. ZeeZee's mom, is the Founder and President of the Latina Leadership Collective, where she uplifts talented Latina professionals. As part of her mission to fill the pipeline with prepared and capable Latina talent, she mentors, coaches and leads workshops to empower female students and leaders to reach their highest potential. With the book series "ZeeZee Can", she wants all boys and girls to dream big and know that with a little help from people who support them, they can make a big difference in their world.

Slide about zeezee's new friend Yolanda Kakabadse Yolanda is WWF's International Past President and the former Ecuadorian Minister or Environment. Yolanda'a work rith the environmental conservation movement officially began in 1979, when she was appointed Executive Director of Fundacion Natura in Quito, where she worked until 1990. Yolanda has lead the conservationist movement in Ecuador, Latin America and globally in various leadership roles including Executive President and Chair of the Advisory Board of Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano, President of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), and member of the Board of the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Geneva, and Minister of Environment for the Republic of Ecuador.

Slide h ABOUT ZEEZEE'S ILLUSTRATOR Alejandra Larrea Alejandra Larrea Silva, the character designer and illustrator of ZeeZee, is a freelance illustrator born in Ecuador. She graduated from Menntaskólinn vid Hamrahlid with the IB Diploma in Iceland, the year 2015. Alejandra grew up surrounded by art and design, which awoke within her the love for illustrations and sculpting from a very young age.
She has been developing as an illustrator for seven years with the help from online courses. During these years she has done various illustrations for football teams, businesses, and more.
Alejandra is known online as Cobu96; she can be contacted at

I liked ZeeZee’s character and her example that no matter who you are, we can all help. It's a great book for children of all ages. B


Woof! Woof! WOOF! H

Henry & Hazel

Me encanta leer y conocer a ZeeZee. Espero que muy pronto pueda tener más aventuras y conocer más perritos A

Antonia L · 4 YEARS

Me divertí mucho conociendo a ZeeZee. Yo también quisiera salvar al planeta junto a Violeta, mi perrita. I

Ines C · 7 YEARS

I like the message about saving the planet because we need to take care of our Ecosystem to have a better future. ZeeZee is the best example! E

Ethan M. · 11 Years

What I like about this book is that I can find a mentor to help me learn new things and teach me what to do so then I can do it all by myself O

Oliver M. · 7 years

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